If you’re the parent of a child with autism, and you’re searching for ABA therapy in Lafayette LA, you no doubt have questions about what exactly the therapy entails. To understand applied behavior analysis, we first have to understand behavior analysis in general.

Behavior analysis is the study of how learning takes places. It focuses on the ways that the human brain takes in and processes new information, and our motivations for our actions. It specifically looks at the ways that rewards encourage behavior—when a behavior is followed by a reward, we are more likely to continue that behavior.

If behavior analysis focuses on methods of learning, then applied behavior analysis is simply the practical application of those theories—how we can use them to help others learn by encouraging good behaviors with rewards.

Applied behavior analysis is especially useful in helping those with autism. It focuses on aiding them in achieving independence through teaching life skills, maintaining positive behaviors, and restricting negative behaviors. Through a comprehensive plan, ABA therapy in Lafayette LA can help a child with autism achieve and maintain a quality of life that would not be possible otherwise.

Therapy Center of Acadiana specializes in several services to help those with autism, including ABA therapy. With an experienced and dedicated staff, Therapy Center of Acadiana is well-equipped to meet your ABA therapy in Lafayette LA needs.