ABA therapists have a very special job.  ABA (applied behavior analysis) in Lafayette, LA treats diagnoses such as autism with real world applications using the ABC method; antecedent, behavior, and consequence.  The antecedent is the action that precedes the behavior.  ABA therapists will work with their patients to get the desired behavior for the antecedent with a positive response if the desired outcome is reached, or ignoring the undesired behavior.

Unlike most therapy jobs, which have the therapist sitting in an office setting, ABA therapists in Lafayette, LA can perform their therapies at the patient’s home, a more traditional office setting, or even at the playground, swimming pool, or gym.  They can find employment at a therapy practice, a school, a hospital, or a childcare center. 

An ABA therapist’s primary goal is to decrease or fully eliminate negative behaviors by using positive reinforcement.  With consistent therapy, patients show improved social and language skills.  With ABA therapy in Lafayette, LA, an improvement in educational needs and behavior is also expected. An ABA therapist is required to customize each patient’s therapy by being in tune with their needs and severity of diagnosis.  What works for one patient might not work for another, and it is up to the therapist to know which methods or consequences will work for the patient. 

To practice ABA therapy, a therapist must be licensed by the state of Louisiana and have received a doctorate degree, completed an internship, received practical experience, and completed and passed an exam.  They can obtain a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst Doctorate, Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, or Board-Certified Behavior Assistant depending on their level of education.